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Spiritual India Journeys has been sharing the amazing wonders of South Asia for over 15 years. When you travel in our small groups, you will meet the people, learn about their cultures, religions and daily life and experience new ways of thinking and seeing the world. We carefully organize all of our tours to maximize your experience while giving every consideration to your comfort and security. Our tours inspire, thrill and inform as you explore the hidden treasures of India, Nepal and Bhutan. We offer personalized service, top guides, great accommodations, and the experience of a lifetime!


Kelley MCHenry

Kelley McHenry has been organizing trips to India since 2002 and started Know India Travel, now Spiritual India Journeys, as a way to help others gain new perspectives on life through first-hand experience in India. She is a librarian at Seattle Central Community College and completed a Master of Arts in International Studies South Asia from the Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington in 2007.  She has also lived and worked in Kenya and the Netherlands and traveled widely in Asia and Europe. India is her true love! In addition to her academic studies, Kelley has been to India many times, lived with Indian families, studied Hindi, and led many tour groups. She has a good understanding and deep respect for India’s people and culture. Kelley is the founder and president of Know India Travel and Spiritual India Journeys.


arvind singh 

Arvind Singh (Ph.D) holds master’s degrees in Ancient Indian History and Culture and Indian Philosophy and Religion, and his doctorate in Indian Archaeology from Banaras Hindu University. He has taught at that university and in India for several American Universities, including, Leslie University and Duke University. He has also guided for prominent tour companies including, Jet Air Tours, Abercrombie & Kent, Cross-Cultural Journeys, Cox & Kings, Peirce & Leslie Travel, and many more and currently leads tours for Odyssey Travel. He is a master at tour leading and can solve any problems that come up.


Fran Gallo

Fran Gallo has worked with Spiritual India Journeys since 2009.  Fran is a very experienced and well-qualified hatha yoga instructor and has studied at Ananda Yoga Centre in Nepal and furthered her studies at Ved Niketan Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh, India.  For Fran, yoga's magic is in discovering how to go beyond what we perceive as our limits and in the profound sense of wholeness, peace, and balance one obtains from cultivating a yoga practice.  Fran’s teaching accommodates multi-level groups, includes concise verbal cues and gentle adjustments, and goes well beyond the physical aspect of Hatha Yoga.  Her classes are both fun (creative) and meditative, serious and light-hearted.  Her international experience includes study at the Universite of Strasbourg, France, volunteering in the Peace Corps in Ziguinchor, Senegal in West Africa, and three years teaching in Japan where she met her husband, Rick Clark.