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Bobbie DeVore, Seattle, WA

I loved your itinerary! It was exactly the India of my imagination. Learning more about the British Raj was a useful readjustment of my limited information about Indian history. I felt the variety of places we stayed totally enhanced my understanding of each city - each environment was charming in its own way and appropriate for its setting. Your constant good cheer (no matter what glitches might be happening behind the scenes) was amazing, Arvind was amazing and a total charmer, and so helpful to have his insights about his culture and the various religions and customs. I enjoyed the yoga when it worked out. And I love the foods and spices. Thank you!


Ginger Howse

This was one of the best trips I've ever taken because of the daily yoga and the excellent organization of the activities and the people on the trip. Arvind was outstanding as a guide, teacher and a very warm, caring friend. An aside: My favorite part of the trip was spending 45 minutes with a gorgeous, female Bengal Tiger. We were so lucky to not only find one to see but having such an accommodating tiger!


Bob and Ann DeBus, stanford, ca

We enjoyed and appreciated the authenticity of the experience of India that we had through the combination of lectures, tours and interactions with our fellow travelers. The itinerary was excellent, the staff were superb and the day-to-day arrangements were peerless. Given the occasional challenges posed by the Indian infrastructure, this is a remarkable achievement.



Jeannie Berwick, Seattle, Wa

I appreciated the small size of our group and couldn't imagine traveling through India with a larger group. In addition, our group traveled well together. Arvind was gentle and patient with us. His knowledge of the history, culture, religion and spirituality of India was a priceless gift, a window into the heart of India.I loved Rajasthan. Overall, I am very happy with my experience. I learned a lot and felt very drawn to the India people and their rich spirituality and ancient history.


Addi Brook, seattle, wa 

I loved the variety of travel, sites visited and activities. The group was well connected through yoga and curiosity. I found our guides willing to respond to the group’s needs and requests which made the trip especially successful. Including the tiger park and the bird park in the middle provided some time for rejuvenation, both those places were fabulous.